Reid & Wright have collaborated with a group of highly skilled, London-based craftsmen to create a distinctive range of bespoke mirrors.

We combine traditional craft skills with modern manufacturing techniques and materials to create a strong, un-jointed frame. This allows us to offer unusually large sizes of up to 1200mm in diameter. Frames are hand-finished in our London workshop by our team of gilders who have over 20 years experience in this specialised field.

Traditional gesso is applied in layers to each frame and finely sanded between coats to create a smooth base, ready for finishing. We offer a wide range of finishes from chalky, tinted gesso shades to traditional gold and silver metal leaf, highly polished ‘bone’, rich ‘ebony’ black and colour-matched shades.

Our convex mirror glass is produced by one of the few custom glass manufacturers in the UK. We use real glass for our convex mirrors, unlike many modern mirror producers who use imitation alternatives such as acrylic. Real glass has weight and subtlety, and offers superior reflective qualities unattainable in acrylic. It also allows us to offer convex mirrors with an antiqued finish, creating a subtly aged character. We feel the beauty of real glass for convex mirrors is worth investing in.

Our flat-glass antiqued mirrors are finished by hand by a specialist in another of our London workshops. Each piece of glass is unique, with heavier antiquing around the edges combined with a delicate all-over shimmer creating the look of a long-prized heirloom, while retaining the mirror’s functionality.